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emmalee^crane: Crux

Image of emmalee^crane: Crux


The wonderful debut CD from emmalee^crane

"What makes Crux such a great and stand-alone album, is Crane’s ability to mesh her passions of early electronic music, namely that of the minimalist stance, with her love of classical music"
- FensePost

"One of my favorite Ambient/Drone albums of all time ... I hope the immersive, rich, gorgeous wall of sound will hit you bang! in the face like it did to me and make you want to play it for others"
- John Buckman, Magnatune

Track Listing

Stair Asterism
You Seem To Reason
Three Nine Six Twelve
Alms End
The Rise Of The Grasshopper
I Break At Your Touch
Silver Blue In Solomon

Order includes a free "Drone Is Not Mindless" sticker.